Below are some of the people and organizations I have met, attended, or follow online for inspiration.

NOLS – Most educational and fun semester of my life.

Leonard Ely – My grandfather and perhaps the greatest influence in my life through the education and philanthropy he spread to our family and others.

Dan Carlin – Best podcasts out there, most interesting take on current events and most fascinating history presenter.

Rich Roll – Making me eat more plants and going further distances than ever before.

Ido Portal – Getting my body to move in ways I never thought I could.

Marc Randolph – Awesome entrepreneur/advisor/investor.

Tony Robbins – His marketing may seem tacky but his thoughts and processes can create some real changes in your life.

EHC – Derek and Al are the best trainers I have ever come across for truly functional fitness.

Sam Gill – A favorite professor from college, opens up whole new perspectives on how people view the world.

Sam Harris – Incredible author/podcaster/philosopher that makes you challenge your world views.

Jean Mazzei – Incredible yogi that I am forever grateful to have learned from.